Saturday, November 01, 2014

This Blog is Moving!

Well, it's time for a change and time for a move. After 6 years, 648 posts, around 195,000 pageviews, I have decided this blog should move on. If you are a regular reader I strongly encourage and urge you to head over to and check out the new site, and most of all subscribe.

There you will be treated to all the usual types of content I have been posting here, especially what I have been posting this past year. So that means classics, language teaching and learning, patristics, latin, greek, the whole gamut of that field. You will also find some audio materials, some permanent links to resources I'm working on, and information on studying languages with me in the coming year.

Why the move?

This blog started life as a second 'main' blog as I moved on from an even prior one. It has grown and developed over the years, and particularly I feel that it has gained a sharper focus and at least a few dedicated readers especially in the last year.

At the moment I am about to move back from Mongolia to Australia to switch my doctoral studies to full-time. Overall I will be more heavily engaged in Greek and Latin work, and I am also trying to bring some of my varied 'projects' to a proper fulfilment, as well as take up more teaching. All of these seem a good reason to establish a dedicated site, an at-least semi-professional presence, and just a touch of hubris.

I hope you'll make the move with me. I will leave this whole site up, and this post as a reminder. Possibly in a couple of months I will start posting here again, in a more devotional/Christian vein. But for all the main, regular content I produce, it's time to move on.

There really are exciting days ahead, I think you'll like what's coming up.

Thanks for joining me on the journey thus far,
Seumas Macdonald

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