Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rethinking approach on Gregory reader

I did a little more work on the Gregory project this afternoon, after my brain got fried from too much study.

One of the major problems is that since this is a patristic text, I can't just use Perseus to do massive vocab crunching. So I have circa 6500 words to identify. If I managed 100 a day, that would still be 2 months of work. Perhaps if I have some time by finishing my thesis a little early, I'll be able to dedicate some real gutsy time for this.

So at the moment it's me spread across an excel spreadsheet, LSJ in Logos, and the Perseus project, filling in a lexical form, some morphological data, and a base translation.

I think I've been doing it badly though - I've just started working alphabetically. Which is kind of helpful when you have however many forms of ἄγω turn up. (ps, keymanweb virtual online keyboard is a winner). But now I'm thinking of re-sorting my list by frequency of occurrence, and getting that list down and dusted, because then by the time I got to those vast number of low or single occuring forms, I could change my approach: I could start to work through the text itself and look up those words in context. This would allow me to work on the commentary at the same time.

I've already looked up a few words in the text in order to get a better handle on their meaning, form, and usage. Especially when Perseus doesn't know what to do with them and I can't find anything in LSJ. Re-orienting to this approach would magnify that factor.

So I think that's the plan from this point on: frequency it down to the small numbers.

In other news, maybe we've found a new place to live. Praying it all comes together and we can move in the next couple of weeks.

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