Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mounce on future directions for Greek teaching

I know I'm slow on this, but William Mounce has a video up at Koinonia on Where is the study of biblical languages headed?

Quite frankly, I'm very glad to hear Mounce talking about the need to involve the senses, have active participation, and teach conversational Koine. This is, I am solidly convinced, the general direction that all classical languages should be headed, to revitalise the acquistion of a language, not merely the comprehension of grammar (though that too is important in its own place). To have someone as influential in the Greek instruction market as Mounce has been to be talking this way is a great encouragement for the future.

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Mike Aubrey said...

Seumas, I'm curious about what you think of Daniel and Tonya's comments at Hebrew and Greek Reader on this very issue from a very different perspective: