Friday, October 03, 2014

Where Are My Keys? (Ancient Greek via Mongolian)

This week I managed to carve some time out of my usual teaching to get my students to sit down and do some Where are your Keys stuff. And I took some video. I recommend watching the video first, then come back and I have a few reflections.

* I don't make it clear in my introduction, but they do their foundation year in Greek with another teacher, and it's grammar translation. Their textbook is in English and they are taught with Mongolian explanations. Typically I teach exegesis classes on NT books, but I try to get more Greek into them.

* There's seven students around the table, if that's unclear. Most were pretty participatory, though a few dropped off the signing. 4-6 is my ideal, but I work with what I've got.

* I had put out a red pen to take to school that morning but promptly forgot to take it. That's why you don't see a red/black contrast pair. However, the adjective for black is irregular enough that I was happy to leave it off.

* I definitely explain a little too much in Mongolian, and I also sometimes short-change doing TQ: 3 times on everything. I need to remember that my ability to process, and my best students' ability to process, is not the same as everybody's ability to process. Slow is fine.

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