Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things actually to like about Logos 6

As promised, here are things actually useful in Logos 6. Well, that I think might be actually useful.

The Ancient Literature tool

Looks like it will actually integrate and connect texts from ancient literature. Probably this is one of the most potentially exciting datasets/upgrades.

Bible Text Only

Hide chapter and verse numbers. This should hardly be revolutionary, but it is a nice perk.

Psalm Browser

While I have my questions about why it's only Psalms that has this useful kind of feature, let's all admit that we like pretty interactive infographics.

Journal Search

Would be useful if you had a lot of journals. If journals weren't subject to the same insane racketeering that almost all academic publishing is caught up in.

Textual Variant Tool

Actually useful. Thank you.

Lexicon Alignment

Having worked a lot with LSJ, I do know how difficult Lexica can be to read. Yes, please realign them.

Send to Kindle

Excellent. Yes. Bravo.

Anything to do with discourse analysis

Some of the best stuff coming out of Logos HQ.

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