Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Random rants about Logos 6

I like Logos, even though I mainly complain about them. I really like Logos because I don't like having to ship entire theological libraries across the world to landlocked countries.

Now, on to random ranting. Complete with more question marks per every rant.

1. Did we really need 51 different base packages and crossgrades?

2. We can calculate a custom upgrade price on standard editions but not Biblical Languages??

3. Modern and Erasmian audio datasets are on the core crossgrade but you need the Feature crossgrade for Koine pronunciation??? Why are we inflicting more Erasmian on the world???? Do we even need American pronunciation datasets anyway?????

4. Why are we still constructing datasets built only on Greek in the NT canon like it's a special language?????? Stop it, we stopped reading Greek like that.

5. Why are we still marketing with "actual value of all print resources" when huge chunks of digitised books are out-of-date materials that are of dubious value???????

6. Why do they keep pronouncing "Logos" wrong, like it has two different vowels????????

7. Why does the Alphabet tutor mark your ability to write with the cursor????????? Nobody writes Greek or Hebrew on a screen with their mouse cursor.

8. If Logos can give me an individual breakdown of what every item, book, dataset, tool costs 'individually', why can't it give me the option to individualise and personalise my upgrade so I'm not purchasing umpteen useless English translations I don't want, Bible studies I'll never use, and expensive Interlinears that handycap genuine language use???????????

Okay, I promise tomorrow to blog about things that actually look exciting in Logos 6.

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