Thursday, September 04, 2014

State of the Projects, September 2014

 I decided I would start writing monthly 'update' posts that just cover a range of things I'm working on, from major projects to minor tasks.


Was going well in early August, but has slowed right down with the start of school here. Not expecting to get a terrible lot done in the next two months either.

Greek Ørberg

Despite the (relatively) large interest, I have basically shelved this project for now. I send an e-mail to Domus Latina some months ago, and tried a few other indirect means to make contact, but without any real success. If I cannot even secure a permission for translation rights, there is little point in persevering with a project that could never legally see the light of day. So we're stalled at chapter 13.

Greek via a natural method Reader

I did however start a second, vaguely related, reader project this month, of which two chapters are available. I think this approach will give us more freedom, and hopefully avoid any possible issues of copyright, thus leading to a genuinely free product.

Patristic Readers

Getting the first reader done was an important milestone, just to have something 'finished'. I'm at work on a second text, and a little over half-way done. I expect it may see a pdf release in October sometime, before working on a third text before year's end.

Neo-Koine core vocab

A while ago I wrote about 'Developing the Neo-Koine vocabulary'. I have been at work on a core list of 600 odd words that would prove a useful base for anyone interested in a more active, contemporary usage of Ancient Greek. The Greek version of my list is at 220 words, and I add about 50 words a week. One I reach 620 I will publish a version of this for public use and critique, while continuing to add to it.


Semester has started and I'm teaching New Testament Theology as well as Greek Exegesis of John's Gospel. I have some thoughts on writing some exegetical notes on John, but we shall have to see. I also have an idea for an article.

Productivity prospects for September:

Are low, as I am in Japan for two weeks and will not be able to get as much done in these areas. Still, there will be a solid 2.5 weeks after I return and hopefully we will see some more progress.

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