Friday, August 15, 2014

More (or Less) on a Natural Method Greek course (Friday Fun)

I spent some time this week looking over some of the other products that came out of the Nature Method Institute in the early 60s. I wrote up a Greek version of what would be a first chapter, which you can download in full here. It's similar to the ├śrberg conversion I have done, but a little different.

It's more than a little difficult for me to find more information about what happened to the Nature Method Institute. Do they still exist? Did they cease at some point? What happened to the authors of these materials?

Not promising to do any more in this particular area at the moment, but I may well write more chapters. I am really loathe to promise to complete any of my so-many side projects. They get done if they get done. (Although the next Patristic text is coming along nicely, I can say). The next 3 months are going to get a little crazy, so we'll see.


Methode Nature said...

Great chapter, thank you so much!
I'm glad you liked their courses for other languages.
I found on some danish blog very interesting email answer by then alive Orberg:
Google translates it relatively satisfyingly:
"Arthur M. Jensen died in the late 60s and the company was first headed by his younger partner Erik Hoder, which had long been the actual leader. Erik Hoder died in 1975, and then went quickly back to the company, which ceased completely during the 80s."
Somehow their courses ended up in austrian Humboldt institute for distant learning:
Humboldt sells them for 500-600 euro each, though their latest courses are not so good as those written by Jensen/Orberg/Koefed in the 50s.
Kindest Regards

Methode Nature said...

"and then went quickly back to the company" of course should be read "and then quickly went setback for the company"

Seumas Macdonald said...

Thanks very much for these details! Very informative and interesting.

Methode Nature said...

You are welcome!
By the way "Chinesisch nach der Naturmethode" at Humboldt is a trickery and not Nature Method at all, it is concocted very like Assimil with parallel sentences. And spanish is very weak. The rest is just old "Naturmetodens Sproginsitut" courses. I don't know if Humboldt itself did procure copyright on them, but I suppose it can be an issue if you want to sell the book. Actually I would love to buy your Greek (and gaelic? mongolian?) NM book if sometime it sees the light.

Seumas Macdonald said...

I'm going to try and compose them in a way that will avoid direct translation, and thus hopefully avoid all copyright problems.

Gaelic, I started to translate a chapter 1 but the grammatical differences mean that what look like simple sentences become rapidly over-complex! I need a different starting point.