Wednesday, July 02, 2014

State of the Blog address

Here's some trivial statistics and information about my blog:

As of last week:

Total pageviews: 178,197

Top 5 posts:

1. 10 questions for better Bible Study
- Well, it's clear why this became the best post I ever wrote

2. Krashen's Hypothesis No. 5: The Affective-Filter Hypothesis
- This is also quite a commonly searched page, seems like there are a lot of students learning about language acquisition.

3. Logos, Logos 5, and why their sales model frustrates me to no end
- I still love Logos, and their marketing and sales model still drives me nuts at times.

4. Still at the drawing board
- I have no idea why this is no 4., especially since it is just a brief personal note at the start of my PhD journey.

5. State of the ├śrberg
- All my posts about working on a Greek translation of Lingua Latina get high views, which tells me a lot of people are interested in how it's going! This post is a little out of date though, and has been getting some odd traffic of late.

Honourable mention: Classical Greek Texts designed for reading
- Technically this is my 6th most viewed post, but as you'll see under searches, it is doing quite well.

Although it's hard to tell since Google stop disclosing search data from anyone logged in to Google, one can still glean some information from this:

1, 3, 6, 10: Krashen / affective filter  hypothesis
- This search in four permutations occupies four separate spots in my search rankings. So much interest in Krashen!

2, 5: Geoffrey Steadman / + Greek
- This is why that honourable mention post is 6th, a lot of people are trying to track down Geoffrey Steadman and end up here. His site is really easy to get to, by the way.

- Because, let's face it, we use the search bar like an address bar

7: patristics reading list
- Yes, I like patristics reading lists too.


No real surprises on country: here are the top 5:
1. United States of America
2. Australia
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. Germany

Very glad to see Internet Explorer coming distant 3rd on the browsers, and solid effort by Linux with 9% of operating systems.

Thanks for reading, this blog is technically 8 years old, and has creaked and staggered its way to moderately annoying status in its small niche.

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