Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Confused about all my blogs? Sometimes so am I.

I actually 'run' a lot of disparate blogs. Some of them might even interest you.

This one is the most active, and certainly has been lately. You get my main thoughts on the main four topics of Language, Classics, Patristics, and Theology. Occasionally I digress and talk about other areas of thought and interest.

What else do I sometimes write/update? Let me (re-)introduce to those that are most active.

1. Macdonalds in Mongolia

If you haven't realised, I currently live and work in Mongolia. This blog contains news and insights from our life and ministry here.

2. cotidie

Recently I revived my efforts at this site. The idea is to write daily in foreign languages. Lately I am writing short pieces/dialogues/collections of sentences in Latin, Ancient Greek, and Gaelic. You can read these posts categorised by language, if you want to just read one. My main focus is developing a conversational language 'databank' as well as practice my own skills.

You can subscribe to individual language streams now! Ancient Greek, Latin, Gaelic.

3. Sermons, etc.,

This is basically a feed site set up to post sermons. It gets updated whenever I preach (in English), and so that is much more sporadic these days. It can also be used to subscribe through iTunes.

4. Patristic Readers

I set up this site specifically for my forthcoming volumes of Patristic text designed for reading, with vocabulary and commentary. Not much to see at the moment, but you could subscribe and you'll see some updates later this year. Actually you should see a free pdf version of the Martyrdom of Polycarp by the end of the month!

5. PhD Progress blog

The most boring blog that I regularly update. Each day I work on the PhD I jot down what I do. Keeps me honest.

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