Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Candida Moss on 'Persecuted'

I think Moss is wrong about ancient persecution, deliberately misreading the evidence to downplay actual events. But she is dead right about this:

"Given the amount of violence in the world—the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ISIS’s destructive rampage through Iraq, war in the Ukraine, and actual persecution of various religious groups around the globe—it might seem strange or, I daresay, insensitive and delusional for any American Christian to claim that they are persecuted. And yet they do. Claims that American Christians are unfairly victimized, attacked, and persecuted continue. Some even think they are on the cusp of being martyred. Martyrdom, in this context, being defined as “mockery, slander, ostracism.” Or, as I like to call it, middle school."

~ from her review of the film 'Persecuted', available here.

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