Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Greek Grammar, ἐν τῇ γλώττῃ

Today I am releasing a draft version of the Grammar content from chapters 1-10 of my Greek translation of Ørberg. This information is largely transformational, so I feel more comfortable releasing it online at this time.

The text can be downloaded as a .pdf file here.

Some things will not make perfect sense without the context of the storyline, if you happen to be unfamiliar with it. Remember this is very much a draft. As I have been working on this I have encountered the problem that not only is there a great need to research and learn vocabulary for Greek grammar in Greek, but even where people are already doing this, there is some diversity of terminology.

Voice has proved the biggest headache at the moment. You will notice that I currently have gone for "common voice" and "subject-affected voice" in place of 'active' and 'middle'. I have a slight nod in the text to those terms. I considered reversing this oer the weekend, and using 'active' and 'middle', but I am still undecided on the issue.

It's an issue of not only terminology, but of contemporary debates about Greek grammar. And the usefulness or broad appeal of this text may depend, in part, upon not being overly idiosyncratic in these issues. I'm thinking ahead a little to debates over aspect, and the headache that might provide. At least, I feel, the terminology is more settled in the aspect area.

Again, this is very much a draft, but you may find it of some use, and you may have some feedback. In this case, email is more useful than commenting on the blog. One of the needs at this point will be to review the grammar and systematise and streamline its presentation and introduction. But that may also depend upon my reviewing the main material as a whole.

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