Thursday, May 15, 2014

The coming summer

I have been a little quiet here, as the teaching semester is rapidly drawing to an end. This week I have been sitting in on student's defending their final year projects. It has been at times disheartening to see the level of work they produce, even knowing that they have put considerable hours in. Alas, mere hours do not in themselves create quality. One needs a solid foundation, and good methods, and access to resources.

Anyway, Friday will be my last teaching class, and then I will give three exams next week, and hopefully mark them all by next Friday, and I should be done!

Today I have been spending a little time planning out summer timetables. I have a full 3 months off and am hoping to spend most of it working on the doctorate. It is quite critical that I spend some concentrated time reading, doing primary analysis, and writing.

I have, of course, a list of side projects, of varying importance, but I have strictly allocated a minority of hours to them. These include:

  • Finishing off my notes on 1 Peter. I mainly need to write notes on chapter 2, most of the other chapters are done, but there is a lacuna which is why I haven't posted anything.
  • I will be giving a paper in Japan in September, on Cyprian and his rhetoric with regards to martyrdom. This utilises some previous material of mine, but I need to revise, update, and turn it into a paper rather than its current form.
  • I have at least one good idea for a paper on Galatians, and I would like to get that written and submitted somewhere. I probably have a second good idea, but let's get one written first, shall we.
  • If all goes well, I will complete at least 12 chapters of my ├śrberg Greek translation, bringing us to chapter 21 by the end of Summer. That will be half my projected book, which I am aiming to be 40 chapters. If I get on a good roll, I could perhaps get more done. I would like to wrap up all 40 by the end of the year.
  • There are lessons to prepare for next semester, though I confess to not knowing exactly what I will be teaching yet. John seems likely, which I am reasonably well acquainted with.
  • I'm hoping to work with a currently graduating student to translate some basic 'guides' into Mongolian. A lot of my students do not have a clear understanding of "How to write an exegetical", "How to write a theological essay", etc., so I am hoping to produce a few short documents that will outline and explain basic procedures which will hopefully make explicit what I often leave implicit.

That is the short list, there are always more things I am dreaming of, but these are things within the realm of probability. So here's to finishing the semester well and getting back to reading and writing!

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