Saturday, February 15, 2014

State of the Ørberg

A few people have been asking lately about the Greek translation of Ørberg's Lingua Latina that I started. I had hoped to continue some work during our unexpected Australian hiatus but this proved difficult. I am now back in Mongolia and a little bit more set up for this kind of work. It will take me probably another week to get on top of my fairly extensive teaching load, but then I hope to return to the translation work. It will probably take a little while to "get my head back in the game" as well.

The actual translation part is relatively easy. I think I have done about 6 or 7 chapters though the last couple are a bit untidy - I need to finish their exercises and do some formatting and the like. It is really all the attendant work that requires most time: preparing a full vocabulary list in Greek beforehand, working through the grammar sections, preparing exercises, and doing formatting.

I suspect I will need to send a hard copy print letter to Domus Latina to have any hope of hearing anything about translation rights. The whole thing could be futile if unable to be widely released. This is one of the great problems with the Italian Athenaze. The Italian version of Athenaze was Ørbergised quite wonderfully, but because it's Athenaze they can only sell it in Italy, and anyone else who wants it must order it from Italy.


Paul Nitz said...

Well done, Seumas. Keep working at it.

Jonathan Roberts said...

This is great news! A resources like this would be tremendous! I hope your project goes well.