Thursday, January 23, 2014

Returning to Mongolia

I don't mean to post the same thing all over the internet, but not everybody follows everything either.

We are heading back to Mongolia in a few weeks, scheduled to arrive Feb 8th.

I will be teaching four subjects this semester:
Amos (Hebrew), 1 & 2 Peter (Greek), Ezra-Nehemiah, and Church History until 1052 AD.

Not a light load! I was pleasantly surprised at the extensivity of the notes I have on 1 Peter, so at least that relieves some of the burden there. I have also taught a 2000-year subject of Church History, and everything up to 500 is in my field, so those are two subjects I am at least a leg-up on. Still, preparing four subjects for instruction in a foreign language is always difficult.

My students are requesting GNTs and Hebrew OTs, but such books are neither cheap nor light. If you have any ideas on that front, let me know.

So I will definitely start blogging my way through 1 Peter shortly. It is the best way for me to get my thoughts straight.

Other projects for 2014 include working on the ├śrberg translation, which many people have expressed interest in seeing. It would be marvelous to secure some translation rights though. I also hope to push out a few journal articles. And of course, this is a year to make significant doctoral progress. Busy times ahead.

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