Monday, December 30, 2013

2014, a prospective glance

I haven't been writing much here. It's the effect of the Australian summer. Between being holed up in a library working on the doctorate and being outside lighting heavy objects and self propelling through beautiful water, blogging hasn't been a high priority. Besides, blogs are dying, haven't you heard? This medium is so mid-00s.

The college at which I teach regained its registration and so we think we'll be heading back at the start of February. I am teaching courses on 1 & 2 Peter (Greek Exegesis), Amos (Hebrew Exegesis), Ezra & Nehemiah, and Church History until 1052. All new subjects for me, one of which is in a language that is not my strong suit.

So it will be a busy Spring semester. Then there is the thesis to write. I would like to push myself to get a couple of journal articles this year as well.

As for here, I will probably blog our way through 1 Peter. I have done some work on it before and it's quite the engaging book. Besides that you could reasonably expect more ramblings on 4th century Trinitarian discourse.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Beyond Galatians? What to write about next

Well, last week I posted the last of my exegetical notes on Galatians. If you'd like a copy of the whole document, feel free to contact me directly. Otherwise a search of the blog for a specific passage will bring up the relevant post.

I'm wondering what to do next. Possibilities include 1 Peter, Revelation, John.

I'm also open to writing on some other topics, if you have suggestions. Otherwise there will just be more 4th century history...

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