Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reasons for silence

I try and avoid blog posts that are mere apologies for not writing more blog posts, but there are genuine reasons things are slower than usual here.

1. Visa issues have been on our minds lately. You can read about some of the to- and fro-ing of our current status over at Macdonalds in Mongolia.

2. I've been without my own pc for about 2 weeks now. All my data is backed up, but I don't have a system to run off, and when I do have time on my wife's computer, it's taken up with lesson prep (in fact, right now I'm uploading files for classes). It's difficult enough to get work done without a computer, let alone write interesting blog posts.

2a. If you're wondering, I'm waiting on a GPU to try and fix my computer. The problem of computer failure here is that anything that is remotely decent is unable to be fixed here because the tech market is 2 years behind the SOTA curve, and it doesn't appear worth replacing my computer here for the same reason.

3. Teaching is consuming most of my time. It would consume less if 1 and 2 were solved.

4. Most of my thoughts are off topic for this blog. Occasionally I thought about writing something political related to the recent Australian election, but generally I try and steer clear of those kinds of political posts.

So no promises, and no apologies per se, just some reasons. Looking forward to these issues being resolved and returning to some creative outputs.

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