Friday, July 05, 2013

Gaelic and Ahn's method

As you know, I like archaic language teaching books. Apart from my jaunts in translating Ørberg's Lingua Latina into Greek (I am just polishing up chapter 6 and will probably translate chapter 7 over the next few days), I have recently been dipping into some works inspired by Franz Ahn. Ahn-inspired texts for most European languages appeared, including Latin and Greek, but they never quite got around to Gaelic.

Now I am fixing this! My little project is progressing slowly but steadily, and I have now posted up the first lessons (edited, see below). Feel free to have a little look, and notify me of any errors. It is a pleasant and productive diversion for me and I look forward to writing many more chapters.

I have come up with a rough scope and sequence to cover a full 500 lessons in the first course. And then jotted down ideas for a further 4 books - 10,000 words of vocab, nearly 200,000 words of Gaelic text, that would be a complete course, wouldn't it?. I think it ought to be titled "Scottish Gaelic in 5 years", to riff off a certain other book.

One day I might write a true Direct Method text for Gaelic, but not this year.

Edit: I'm writing about 1-2 little units a day, so I'll update this post every 10 units or so, if you're intrigued and want to check back. Once I hit 50 I'll record some audio.

Lessons 1-20.

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