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Councils 345-351

345    Milan

Between 345 and 351 a number of smaller councils meet, of which details are scant. Almost everyone agrees that the Macrostitch was brought West, as Athanasius says, and presented to a synod in Milan in 345, but actual details about that synod remain difficult to source. Liberius of Rome says that Eudoxios and Martyrios brought the creed to Milan in 345, where it was not received, and they refused to anathematise Arian doctrine. The Acta SS suggests that Maximinus of Trier was present at least.

346 Jerusalem

A council was held in Jerusalem in 346, which principally confirmed Athanasius’ restoration into communion. A letter to this effect survives in Athanasius Apol.c.Ar.57 and Sozomon HE 3.22.

346 Alexandria

A further council held in Alexandria, by Athanasius, to confirm Serdica and Jerusalem. See Socrates HE 2.26, Sozomen HE 4.1.3

346 Cologne/Carthage

A council was held, chaired by the aforementioned Maximinus of Trier, which deposed Euphrates of Cologne, accepted Ursacius and Valens, and condemned Arius and Photinus' writings. The authenticity of the council is questioned. The Declaration of the council is found in C. Munier, Concilia Galliae a.314-a.506 (Turnhout: Brepols, 1963), pp27-29.

Hilary, in Frag. Hist B II. 9, 1 mentions a possible counsel in Sirmium in 347, opposed to Photinus.
A council may have been held in Milan in 347 renewing Photinus’ condemnation[2].

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