Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Studies...

Last Friday we finished up at College for the Academic Year. It was my first semester teaching and it was a challenging experience. I taught two classes: Greek Exegesis of Ephesians, and Theology of Ministry, but Master's level courses and obviously there are the twin issues of my ability to communicate to students in Mongolian, and the lack of Mongolian resources. Also I had to write syllabi and materials from scratch. Still, all in all it was a good semester and we all got there in the end.

Next semester I am on the hook to teach 9 credit hours, including Greek Exegesis of Luke (4), Theological English and English Writing (2), and New Testament Theology (3). Once again I am preparing everything from scratch and the NTT class is a Bachelor's class so it will need to be primarily in Mongolian. Challenges ahead.

This summer I'm forging ahead with thesis work. I've just finished reading my way through CL Beckwith's monograph on Hilary and it has been very enlightening. I'm now working my way through the main ancient documents surrounding creeds, councils, and theological developments between 340-365, which is the main background to my research. Today I was looking at the creeds from the Antioch council in 341. I might blog a bit on that work.

I'm also pushing ahead with languages. I need to really brush my Latin up to a better standard right now. I can read well enough, but my speaking/listening/writing skills are well rusty. I'm spending some time getting German back on track, as well as being diligent in Gaelic and Greek. Actually I'm working very hard on my translation and adaption of ├śrberg into Greek, but still trying to get hold of someone to talk about copyright issues. They are very elusive! I've done about 5.5 chapters so far.

So I have about 2 months off in total, not as much as I'd like. We have a trip to Australian planned for late July, and hopefully I will get some good library time while I'm there. I need to give a presentation about research to date.

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