Thursday, April 04, 2013

Return to Psalms

Well, many weeks ago I started a series on Psalms that went all of two weeks before falling apart. This wan't  helped by a month in Thailand and a week in Korea. But now I'm back and I've been reading over two excellent books on Psalms. The first is LeFebvre's great little book, which I am so slowly reading, Singing the Songs of Jesus: Revisiting the Psalms. The other is the recent offering from Gordon Wenham, The Psalter Reclaimed.

One of the things they convince me is that the Psalms have a unique place not only in private devotion, though certainly that, but in public worship. Psalms are unique in that they are not only God's Word to Us, but God's Word that is our word to God. They are not only psalms that are ultimately about Jesus, they are psalms that are on the lips of Jesus. And so, unlike so much of our modern praise songs, the psalms are uniquely songs that we sing both with Jesus, and to each other.

So I am reviving my work on the Psalms. I helpfully discovered how to set maximum page size in Word, which means I can create my own hexapla. This means I can lay out the Hebrew, LXX, Vulgate, Mongolian, Gaelic, and English for parallel study and contemplation. So, psalm 3 coming up next week.

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