Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions, 2013

People are generally negative to resolutions these days. In the past I have skirted this by not calling NY resolutions 'resolutions', but this is probably just skirting the issue with semantics. I have many goals for this year, but here are 5 daily disciplines I have decided on. And started, because one of the best tips for keeping resolutions is to start them before you hit Jan 1.

Daily Bible Reading & Prayer. I went up and down on this in 2012. The first half of the year was good, the second half not so good. Now is a good time to recommit.

Daily Patristic Reading: the aforementioned Read the Fathers. It's a 7 year programme, so no slacking off here.

Daily Gaelic study. There are zero external factors that will make Gaelic learning easier, or necessary, so I need to be on my own case about this.

Daily Hamstring stretches.I have had tight hamstrings since forever, despite a reasonable degree of flexibility everywhere else. Enough is enough. This year is a year for stretching hamstrings and dramatically altering my ability to bend at the waist. I think it will also help my L-Sit which is currently woeful.

Write 2 chapters of my thesis. The danger with a possibly 8 year doctoral program is that real progress can slow to nothing. This year I'm committed to writing 2 chapters of it. That likely means daily reading and writing.

There we go. 5 disciplines for the new year.

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