Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reading the Fathers, a 7 year journey

I'm a bit late with posting this, it popped up on my feeds while I was travelling, and I didn't have a good chance to post about it. Here's a chance to schedule your own reading of the church fathers, in the ANF/NPNF series.

It's 7 pages a day, for 7 years, which seems like a very long time, but I suspect that committing and embarking on such a reading odyssey will cultivate a reading habit that will last a long time.

The schedule kicked off on Dec 2, so if you join now, you're a little behind. I recommend two approaches to that. (1) Sit down and just have a big old reading session, or two, and catch right up straight away. (2) Ignore what you've missed.

So, here's the link I first found out from, from Credo.

And here's the link to the main site, with further links for twitter, rss feeds, google calender, and the text for each day: Read the Fathers.

Time to get reading.

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