Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4 Things I'm excited about this week

1. Where are your keys?

I've blogged a lot about this in the past few months. I am continually excited when I think about how this approach can facilitate and accelerate learning, and how it might be used for minority and endangered languages. Check it out, get excited, and start 'playing'.

2. Save the Supers
Thanks to Felicia Day, I discovered Save the Supers, which is a fun little web series which features super heroes and their daily grind. Also puns.

3. Foreign Language Text Reader
is a handy little program that lets you read texts in a language that you are, say, learning, and tag every word with (i) a definition, and (b) a rating on how well you know it. It also colour codes the text. It's an easy way to create a kind of ultimate reader's version of everything you are reading, since it will save vocabulary across texts for the same language. I've been using it for Gaelic lately, but I have it lined up for Mongolian, Greek, Latin, etc.. There are a few things I'd like to change - for example sometimes a word is not the unit I need to tag, but a phrase.

4. Duolingo
Duolingo has been out of beta for a little while now, but perhaps you didn't hear about it. It's not as great as, say, playing WAYK to learn a language, but it is a great system for ticking some time away learning (at present) Spanish, German, French, and soon to be Portuguese. I think the crowd-sourcing of translations is a great idea, but it needs a little tweaking.

This might become a regular feature, who knows?


Anonymous said...

Re: Foreign Language Text Reader

You wrote: "There are a few things I'd like to change - for example sometimes a word is not the unit I need to tag, but a phrase."

But you can create phrases, see at the bottom of the page: "LEFT-click and HOLD on first word, MOVE to last word and RELEASE: A new multi-word expression will be created, or if it already exists, can be edited."

Seumas Macdonald said...

I did figure this out, shortly after the post, but thanks.