Sunday, May 13, 2012


Where are your keys?

The name of an exciting set of techniques, built around 'game' play, which aims to facilitate language learning, and is particularly useful for language revitalisation.

I had heard a little bit about this from the Latin teaching community (communities?) that I hang around on the internet. But I wasn't really sure what it was all about. Recently I did a bit more reading, and today I sat down and watched the 1'20" intro video. Also there is a great post from Rachel Ash about implementing this in a Latin class.

Let me say that I'm terribly impressed. A simple set of initial techniques that concretises TPR and seems expansive and adaptable.

I have a whole bunch of questions:

1. How does the overlay of ASL work with the WAYK setup? Do I need to learn sign for everything? Do I need to sign at all? Or do I just need to learn the signs that accompany the techniques of the game?

2. How would you apply WAYK if you were the one who knew how to play, but you are the language learner? Will WAYK work in that context?

3. Related to (2), what happens in 'bootstrap' contexts like Latin, where the 'teacher' has great reading/writing skills, but maybe little oral fluency. How does it look to work with a language when a teacher is not necessarily fluent?

4. Related to 2/3, how/when do you move beyond the concrete? When you want to start talking about the past, or verbs that involve quite a bit of action, how does that take place?

5. What would this look like over skype? Is it workable to not be face-to-face?

6. It seems like the wayk online resources are not well organised. How/where do you navigate to 'get' more, particularly for someone in my circumstance?

So many questions.

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