Thursday, May 17, 2012

WAYK: Latin, Greek, Gaelic

I think this will be my last post about Where are your keys?

What do I have to report? I sat down and watched a bunch more videos, and I'm now feeling fairly confident that I 'get' how to play, and how it works to facilitate language fluency. So this is where I'm going with this from here:

1. I'm preparing the 'universal speed curriculum' for Latin, Ancient Greek, and Gaelic. This is the basic language you need to run the first few 'rides', to get going in a language. I'm going to test run Gaelic on my wife.

2. I'm willing to skype with just about anyone to run you through spoken Latin, Anc. Greek, or Gaelic. I think this will improve my fluency, and yours (whether you are a beginner or are a 'reader' like me).

3. If this goes well I will continue to develop materials, and I will try my hand at recording some instructional videos for these languages, similar to the Irish ones you see here.

So get in touch if that would interest you. When I have some things on the boil I will set up a web page specifically for this. Maybe I will even offer some paid on-line teaching.

Okay, that is all on this topic. I have other things to say about other topics, also coming soon.

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