Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WAYK Greek

I have updated the WAYK Universal Speed Curriculum for Ancient Greek, available here. This version contains all 8 parts up until the initial Goal conversation. If you have any corrections, please get in touch.

How might you use this? Here is what I would do.

You will need:
1. A willing partner (actually, I have an idea of how to manage this alone, but more on that later).
2. A stick and a stone, and it would be great to have a red and blue pen.
3. Go to the WAYK website and watch the intro video. You won't regret it. Learn the basic signs in particular.
4. Look through the 'script' for the first part of the USC. If you already know some Greek, you should be able to understand it. If you know zero Greek, then it is going to be difficult (this is part of the problem with Bootstrapping 'dead' languages.
5. Sit down with your willing guinea pig (oh, I mean partner, friend, companach), and run the first part, introducing them to WAYK, and you are off to a flying start in spoken Ancient Greek.

Where to from here? I would work through all 8 parts until you've got the goal conversation, introduce the red and blue pen. Introduce other items too. All you need to do from the perspective of someone who 'knows' book Greek (ie, reading, and maybe writing), is to spend the time preparing adequately. Get your new items, use Woodhouse and Perseus to look up vocab items you don't know, and you should be able to prep correct Greek. In a way, this is doing WAYK kind of backwards, but where the payoff is, is in that this way you essentially prep yourself to replicate correct Greek and inject it into conversational practice.

Flying solo: Set up the same scenario, and just run it with imaginary friends. I'm serious. Do it all in Greek, and swivel around in your chair to speak for other persons.

Next step: I'm going to keep writing material, and hopefully put together a kind of 'curriculum' to get you all the way to "Getting to the Party". If things go well on this front, I'll try and set up to record video tutorials.

Exciting times!

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