Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A quick snapshot of studying in Mongolia

I use the term "in" here in a strictly geographical sense, since my enrolment is elsewhere.

I have been reading Khaled Anatolios' Retrieving Nicaea, as part of my initial doctoral reading. I figure that between Ayres, Behr, and Anatolios, I should have a good top-level overview of 4th century dynamics before diving deeper. I think Anatolios' unity of being vs. unity of will distinction is a good one, and I am warming to his reading of the controversy as an act of secondary reflection caused by a first level discontinuity in the experience of Christian corporate life.

I have also set aside time to work on all my languages. I must continue to go forward in my comptency, lest I go backwards! My Greek composition is particularly bad at the moment - I struggle to remember basic words. But it will come back to me. I have structured my morning Scripture readings to cover Hebrew, Greek, Gaelic, and English. It would be best if I added a little LXX and Vul sometime.

So I think overall I should manage to get close to 20hrs a week for the next couple of years. Mongolian language classes are taxing, but not overly time-consuming, and so I have free time for study and research. Hopefully this will allow me to live up to the moniker, Patrologist-in-Mongolia.

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