Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why my brain hurts: annotating Jn 19:16-42

This week I'm working on the third in a series of Easter sermons, on Jn 19:16-42. I've probably done more hard exegesis work on these sermons than others I've done, (a) because they're longer passages, but (b) they're theologically quite dense. John is depicting the central event of Christian faith, and thus the single most theologically and historically significant even in the universe. So there is a depth of both eyewitness hsitorical detail and well as theological symboism and explicit Old Testament connection, that engages my mind and forces deep thinking.

Of course, the problem remains how to turn this into a sermon. And a relatively short sermon (compared to others), for Good Friday. my theory is to try and pick one of the OT threads, and focus on that. And yet there are so many! I'm working on either Isaiah 53 or Passover. My second difficulty is working out what aspect of human sinfulness to address. How do I bring the good news of atonement to bear on the problem of human rebellion, and in what respect?

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