Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gaelic and Lifting

Well, it's a very long weekend thanks to the collusion of Easter and Anzac day, and that's meant extra time for Gaelic study. I've covered quite a bit of ground this weekend.

So, how are those goals going?

Gaelic: I'm making steady progress. I've been working hard on my fairly grammar-focused book, which is paying some dividends at the moment. My Gaelic tutoring lessons have been fairly infrequent due to timing issues, but they are good too. I can see myself by the end of the year having a decent grasp of Gaelic grammar, and an expanding vocabulary. Listening/Speaking lag behind though.

Lifting: I've hit 117.5 for a Squat, 75 for Bench, and 140 for a deadlift so far. I estimate that I could manage the 120 Squat and 80 Bench. Things are mostly on track, just a little behind on Sq and BP, but at this rate it's still conceivable that I'll reach 135 SQ, 155 DL, 90 BP, towards the end of June, which is difficult to comprehend.

Studies: Still no final result from the Masters, though it is being marked at last. Once that comes back, my PhD application can finally be processed, and it will be time to return to books once more. I should be doing a bit more Greek and Latin to keep things up, but I haven't had the motivation to make the time.

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