Thursday, March 17, 2011

On becoming British

It's a strange thing, becoming British. In the last week I received a British Passport, which is a de facto et de iure recognition of British citizenship. My father is British, you see. And yet, in one sense I did not become British - there was no naturalisation or citizenship ceremony. It was a claim to a pre-existing status. Yet, if I had never made the claim, I would never have been considered a citizen. That's why it's such a strange thing. The very act of claiming a legitimate citizenship implies that I was always a citizen, but if I had never claimed citizenship, I would never have been considered a citizen at any time, yet it is not the claim itself that creates my citizenship.

I find this an odd thing.

iTunes paralysis

def: the state of being where I need to either switch audio off in order to focus on a verbal-processing task, or else switch music off in order to listen to some other audio input, but I feel compelled to let the current song finish. Further compounded by the start of any new song.

I don't know if you experience this, but I do quite a bit. I'm loathe to cut songs off mid-stream, especially if they're enjoyable! And yet I need that audio function, whether of my brain or of my computer, to get on with some task or other.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Barefoot Running

One day this blog will turn back into a blog about patristics, theology, and language pedagogy. I have a PhD application being processed, and I'm still waiting for someone to agree to mark my MTh thesis. In the meantime...

Apart from weightlifting, I've taken up barefoot running. When I tell people this, they usually think I'm crazy. A quick search around the internet will tell you that barefoot runners form a small, dedicated clique of runners, and there is a rather decisive and vehement split over the issue. Barefoot advocates argue that the biomechanics of running barefoot are far superior to running shod, and advocates of shoes tend to think barefoot runners are a bit loony.

For my own part, I think barefoot running *is* better, and it also makes sense to me as a Christian. Barefoot advocates tend to argue that our bodies have evolved to run barefoot. I would just say that it makes sense that God designed our bodies to work without shoes just fine.

I did a few runs around Christmas barefoot, but foolishly (ignorantly) went for 5-6kms, which is about how far I was used to running with shoes. This resulted in blisters that lasted several days and left me hobbling around. More internet research and I realised my problem - too much too soon.

So then it was learning to restrain myself. I started again with a more restricted regime. The first run was literally around the block. Then two blocks. Then three. This week I've just completed two 7km runs. I'm planning to add some sprint training, and think about working up to a 13km run from church to home or something.

Weightlifting is going well by the way. I'm almost dead on track for my April lifting goals. We'll see how we go for the June goals though. Consuming enough is one of my main challenges, not so much the lifting part of things.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Whither this blog?

It's been more than a while since I've posted anything. I think the nature of the blogosphere has changed. The rise of fb and twitter1 have changed the shape of people's online communications, and blogs don't fill the same niche of the ecosystem they used to.

Things have changed for me too. Working full-time doesn't leave me feeling like blogging is a priority of any sort, and more subtly changes what fills my days. I'm not reading as much theology or thinking about languages quite so much. Both of which are fine, but contribute large amounts of my actual blogging material.

But I'd still like to be blogging. I think that's the issue that conflicts here. I need to work out how to do that in a constructive way. Setting aside some time each week to write something meaningful and thoughtful.

I'd also be quite happy to keep posting sermon audio, but the systems to make that happen efficiently aren't quite happening in my current setting (things are getting recorded, but they take considerable time to go anywhere after that).

In personal news, lots of good things. The job at the new church is going well. I've put a PhD application in and am waiting to hear on it. And we've been approved by Pioneers for overseas mission work.

I think that's all for now.

1 I'm constantly amused by the demographic that cries "I don't 'get' twitter".