Monday, December 20, 2010

The problem with Logos sales

First, I want to say that I really appreciate Logos and its software platform and the vast amount of resources they make available. It's from that standpoint that I write.

But I do find their sales pitches a little bothersome at times. Telling me over and over how great a deal it is to by 2010 titles at 97% off, is a little disingenuous. Firstly, nobody is ever going to read all those 2010 titles. Secondly, the quality of those titles varies greatly, so that not all 2010 titles are worth owning. Thirdly, Even if you decided to take advantage of the sub-deals, there's not really the means for sorting and processing that many titles to work out what is worth owning. Now, there certainly are benefits of owning masses of electronic volumes, all searchable, but in terms of usefulness + searchability + manageability, vast numbers of titles I'm unfamiliar with don't actually help me that much. Which is why simply focusing on the cost vs. print volumes is rarely persuasive.

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