Monday, December 20, 2010

Also, employment. Or what 2011 will look like.

I believe it's been formally announced, so I can also inform the internet.

I've taken a position as an assistant minister for 2011. It's a 12mth position, leaving my wife and I free to head off to Mongolia the following year. I'm also putting together my doctoral proposal, hoping to start studies in February. I think I have a topic, in the area of creeds, councils, and the late 4th/5th century.My wife will be doing some theological study as we prepare for Mongolia.

It's good to have things sorted and a bit more settled. I'm really looking forward to the ministry position, I think it will be an excellent year. I'm also looking forward to getting started in the doctoral studies. Actually, an exciting year all round. There's also heavy weights to be lifted, and languages to be excelled in!


gbroughto said...

yeah... all good, but some losses though - will miss having you as the scholarly neighbour!

Seumas Macdonald said...

I'm sure I'll be in to visit.

Also, you would probably enjoy this for a read: Hauerwas on Leithart on Yoder on Constantine

David Ould said...

ooh, does that mean you'll be all over Constantinople '81?

(just liked the way that read)

David Ould said...

while I'm on it, would that make it "ConCon'81"? ;)