Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weightlifting 2010 vs 2011

Well, I try not to turn this blog into too much personal stuff, but it's that time of year, so I thought apart from exegesis of Galatians, you might like to hear about my lifting progress.

I've been training consistently all year, but in the last 3 months have become much more serious, and joined an online forum for support, motivation, and tips.

Today I've just achieved the last of my goals for Dec 2010:

Squat: 105kg (Goal was 95)
Deadlift: 125kg (Goal was 115)
Bench Press: 70kg (=Goal)
Military Press: 45kg (=Goal)

I have some pretty ambitious goals for 2011 though. After another year of consistent training, I'd like to see these figures:

Squat: 165kg
Deadlift: 185kg
Bench Press: 110kg
Military Press: 65kg

Monday, December 20, 2010

The problem with Logos sales

First, I want to say that I really appreciate Logos and its software platform and the vast amount of resources they make available. It's from that standpoint that I write.

But I do find their sales pitches a little bothersome at times. Telling me over and over how great a deal it is to by 2010 titles at 97% off, is a little disingenuous. Firstly, nobody is ever going to read all those 2010 titles. Secondly, the quality of those titles varies greatly, so that not all 2010 titles are worth owning. Thirdly, Even if you decided to take advantage of the sub-deals, there's not really the means for sorting and processing that many titles to work out what is worth owning. Now, there certainly are benefits of owning masses of electronic volumes, all searchable, but in terms of usefulness + searchability + manageability, vast numbers of titles I'm unfamiliar with don't actually help me that much. Which is why simply focusing on the cost vs. print volumes is rarely persuasive.

Also, employment. Or what 2011 will look like.

I believe it's been formally announced, so I can also inform the internet.

I've taken a position as an assistant minister for 2011. It's a 12mth position, leaving my wife and I free to head off to Mongolia the following year. I'm also putting together my doctoral proposal, hoping to start studies in February. I think I have a topic, in the area of creeds, councils, and the late 4th/5th century.My wife will be doing some theological study as we prepare for Mongolia.

It's good to have things sorted and a bit more settled. I'm really looking forward to the ministry position, I think it will be an excellent year. I'm also looking forward to getting started in the doctoral studies. Actually, an exciting year all round. There's also heavy weights to be lifted, and languages to be excelled in!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Copyright, Mars Hill, and Music

Tim Smith, the worship pastor at Mars Hill, is writing some genuinely insightful posts over at the Resurgence. Starting with, Thank God Jesus didn't copyright the gospel, which is a telling title if ever there was one (take note German Bible Society!), and explores in a very preliminary way the control copyright puts on using music. The second post is
The same could be said for those caught up in the prestige-game that some call academic publishing.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thesis: Submitted

I'm sure my readers will be pleased to hear that I have just handed in my three copies of the MTh thesis for examination and marking. At this stage no examiners have been chosen, so it will be some time I imagine before I receive results. Nonetheless, it is good to be done. Perhaps I'll even write some more thoughtful blog posts...