Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Latin translation help

I'm working on a project for someone, and having a few problems with the following passages. Would appreciate if anybody could chime in with some suggestions. There may well be spelling errors/variations, etc., to be figured out. I'll list the latin text, followed by my rambling notes/paraphrase.

1. et occisit Cain tritabum suum et per hoc plantarium sanguinis e digamie dilubii protinus pena subvertit

1. and he slew Cain his own tritabum and through this of his family’s cutting he overturned the penaly of the flood...

2. propter quod zelo ductus interfecit eum. Primus ante diluvium Cain civitatem Enoch ex nomine filii sui in India condidit. Quam urbem ex sola sua postitate inplevit quidis vult quod impiorum pergenies civitatem in ipsa mundi origine construxit. in quod novemus in pios in hac vita ete fundatos, scenos us hospites ete et preginos unem et Abel tamquam preginius intram populis inranius non condidit civitatem superna en enim secorum civitas

2. On account of which, led by jealousy, he killed him. Cain founded the first city, Enoch from the name of his son, in India, before the Flood. Which city he filled by his own [power?] with whomever he wished, since in the very beginning of the world he built this city through the talents of the wicked....

3. a quorum iteritu omnis mundus letabitirunt et invicem re munera mittent

3. from whom the whole world will kill [iteritu] and in turn send rewards

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