Friday, October 01, 2010

Random updates on various aspects of Life

1) The Thesis

My supervisor sent me back my draft today and we met. He is overall very pleased with it. A few structural elements to include. So my main aim for October is to tidy up the thesis, track down a few more articles that aren't on hand here, and try and submit by Oct 30. That would be excellent.

2) Other studious enterprises

I've been auditing an MA subject on Galatians that is quite fun. We have a second intensive block in October, and I'm getting together a presentation on OT usage/salvation-history/typology. I did a youth camp last weekend with three talks from Galatians 2, 3, and 5, which went quite well and helped a lot.

I'm also helping a guy with some Latin translations from a late antique/early medieval text, which is quite enjoyable.

3) Other things

I've upped my gym training since I've had more time on my hands, which has been really good. On the other hand, haven't really been plugging away at the languages as much as I should be. Once I break routine, it's quite hard to get back into it.

Medical examination for overseas went well. Took longer than expected due to some conflicting but ultimately meaningless results, but now it's done and our mission application can proceed.

I've been reading some good books. Keller's 'Ministries of Mercy', Kostenberger's book on Heresy and Orthodoxy, and just picked up 'Halos and Avatars', a theological compilation on video games.

No success on the job front though.

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