Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Job Search

It isn't going very well. I'm half-qualified to be a Latin teacher, by which I mean that I have excellent Latin, but I don't have a teaching background or degree. So, I've applied for at least half a dozen Latin teaching positions, the magnitude of which surprised me, but have yet to get an interview for any of them.

My most eminent qualifications are for ministry positions, but here I am confronted with the fact that despite this being the course of employment most suitable, a plan to move overseas in the next 6-12 months renders me highly undesirable as a prospective employee. Nobody really wants a full time minister for such a short time. This coupled with a lack of networks bodes poorly.

Of course, I am a pessimist in this area. That should at least be acknowledged.

My only other experience and qualifications are in fitness (another area where I am but half-qualified), and working in a fish & chip shop (it was a good year, but I can hardly make a living out of it). Now contemplating a range of employment possibilities which bear little to no relation to my background, experience, and qualifications.

Perhaps you can empathise with my pessimism.


Mike W said...

thats crazy.
Alot of good ministry can get done in a year!

mike said...

There's often a need for transitional/interim pastoral leadership for such short periods of time...would that be a possibility?

Seumas Macdonald said...

@Mike A: It certainly would, I just haven't found one of those.

@Mike W: It does make sense if you're filling a full-time role. Do you want to employ a long-termer, or a 1-yr guy and then re-advertise in 12 months time.

mark said...

Man, that sucks. Sounds flippin' annoying mate. Hang in there bro.

And - I'm happy to employ you as my Latin teacher in January if you're keen? :)

Seumas Macdonald said...

@Mike A, while I remember - what is floating around good to read about Deponency? I have a seminar paper to respond to this week and would like to sound semi-intelligent and engaged!