Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thesis: approaching completion

You'll be pleased to hear (I hope!) that my MTh thesis is nearing completion. I am a few thousand words shy of the target, and have a conclusion to write, but it's mostly done. A few other things need tidying up - incorporating a little more secondary literature, refining and nuancing the premises of my argument, the strength of evidence, and the weight of conclusions.

I'll present a paper on Partitive Exegesis in Chrysostom at a student seminar in a few weeks, and probably post that online shortly after. As for the whole thesis, I expect I'll make it freely available once it's been marked, so sometime in the new year.

Will shortly be looking in more earnest for a job for next year; will also spend Nov-Dec trying to finish the Gregory Nazianzus reader/commentary.


gbroughto said...

Impressive. I was in yesterday and saw the week's outline on your desk and concluded that you mustn't be far off. Well done.

mark said...

Exciting mate! Are undergrad students allowed to attend your student seminar? I'd love to attend if possible!

Well done brother!

Craig said...

Well done!

Seumas Macdonald said...

Mark, I think normally not. You could always politely ask the powers that be.