Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The dramas of moving

Well, we moved. And I thought it was all over, but alas no.

I spent the bulk of the first week packing up our house, which was time consuming but necessary. Removalists cam on the Friday and were quite efficient, and we were all moved over in a few hours. Just a matter of unpacking all those boxes! Which we made a start on the following weekend.

Back at the old place, I did a few trips to clear out the last of our stuff, and we arranged for some cleaners to come in, and finally I sold up a few items on ebay. The keys were handed in on the Thursday, and I thought we had seen the last of things. Over the weekend then we managed to acquire 3 wardrobes (with thanks to my good friend and handyman (aka Math teacher) Dave).

Alas, on Monday our former real estate got in touch to say the house was not up to scratch. The cleaners had left several things undone or not done well. Plus, there was some gardening they wanted done too. So today I was back over at the house in the rain, gardening away. And probably some more gardening in the rain tomorrow.

All this amounts to about 3 weeks in total disruption to my studies, which I'm none too pleased with. I was hoping to settle back into routine this week and get most of my thesis written up. Instead I am disrupted for most of the rest of the week again. The following 3 weeks I have some scheduled classes to attend on American Protestantism and Galatians, so less time than usual there.

Anyway, tonight is a good night, since our internet has finally been moved over to our new place, and that's why you're getting a little blog post to update you on life. Once things get a bit more settled, then we'll see about some more Greek/SLA/Thesis/Patristics related posts.

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