Sunday, July 11, 2010

Personal News....

We've just come back from 8 days away. My idea of a holiday is mainly to go and do other things: courses, conferences, etc..

Anyway, we spent a week down in Melbourne for orientation with Pioneers, a mission organisation. It was quite an intense week, with only an hour of scheduled free-time each day, and about 7 hours of sessions throughout the day and into the evening. We are, as long-term readers and friends would know, exploring the possibilities of long-term ministry in Mongolia. It was a very helpful week as we get to know Pioneers and how they work and what they're all about and how we might fit in with that.

We flew back to Sydney on Friday night, and then got up Saturday morning and drove up to Mt. Victoria to serve a neighbouring church for their weekend retreat. I gave 4 talks on Judges. I should have organised to record them. It was a good time up there, sharing with some lovely folk, and hearing their stories too. You might get some posts on Judges out of me in the next week or so.

Tomorrow is back to college, back to the thesis, and back to everything else. So I'm trying to enjoy my Sunday evening as best I can.

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