Friday, July 16, 2010

Oerberg in Greek, chapter 1

If you've missed it, I have completed a translation of the reading text from Oerberg, into Greek. I have yet to do the exercises or grammar, but I will do something along those lines (with some significant but necessary adaptions). No word from the rights holders, but my understanding is that a single chapter will hold under fair use. So, until there's further news on copyright, I will refrain from making public any more materials (plenty of other projects for me to be working on!). Feedback on this text is certainly welcome. (Particularly if you have some grammatical insight on whether using τὸ to substantivise all the 'words' in the final paragraphs is correct, or whether I should use the normally appropriate article). I've already made some major revisions to the accenting of οὐκ ἔστι as well as some word choices towards the end.

Chapter 1

In terms of grammar:
This page was particularly helpful
Also helpful has been Rico's book, and R. Buth's very much.


Craig Schwarze said...

What font do I need to read that?

Unknown said...

It should be unicode, which means any font capable of handling Greek. Personally I tend to use Gentium for most of my Greek work.

Greek said...

thamaston estin! sphodra lian mala thamaston!

Anonymous said...

You are a blessing to us.
Could you send me the lessons you have already translated for
my personal use only..
I thank you very much for your hrd workPedro de Souza.
My email address is