Sunday, July 18, 2010

More progress on Gregory project

Well, audio recording was a wash-out for the weekend, but I have made some good progress on the Gregory reader. I've continued to do morphology tagging and am working my way down the frequency list. It's at a point where I can now get a clearer picture of things listed by frequency of the lemmas.

I've also gone through all of the first Oration, and checked it against Migne's edition, which is what I'll need to print from. I've corrected a few things, made some textual variation notes, and picked up a few points in my electronic text where lines had been repeated (my own error, I've got rid of most of those elsewhere). That means my frequencies will need a little adjusting again. I've also included Migne's footnotes when he's explaining something (in latin, of course). I still would like to add Migne's scripture references as well.

Once I make a little more frequency/morphology progress, I'll get started on Oration 1 (27) properly, producing a workable text. Good progress it seems to me! The later orations are longer than the first though, so similar proofing will take longer on them.

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