Sunday, July 18, 2010


I sat down to do some quiet sunday afternoon recordings in Greek and Latin, as I'd been planning. There's someone noisily mowing their lawn nearby, but that hasn't been my main problem. Rather, my computer decided yesterday to stop recognising usb devices, including both mouse (not too big a problem), and microphone (more of a problem).

So I thought I'd just try the built-in microphone. But then audacity likes to randomly stop working every now and again, and that hasn't helped either.

Might have to wait a bit longer for more Greek audio.

Edit: Apparently simply turning your computer off, disconnecting it from mains power, and then rebooting will do the trick. that is, (O Microsoft), not a real solution!

Edit 2: Well, I did manage a bit of recording, but having Audacity crash randomly, on top of the spent working out my usb-port problem, has left me pretty frustrated for the day.

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