Friday, July 02, 2010

End of week ramblings without proper title.

Well, this is the end of a rather odd week in my study calendar. I've not been doing much thesis work, because I'm going to be away next week, and I've mainly been occupied with preparing some sermons on Judges for the weekend following. (This explains why you won't get any posts for a week or so).

Anyway, I am reflecting today on how little use I've made of ἡ Σχολή (Greek) and Schola (Latin). These are both fine social-networking and education-resourcing sites, with chat facilities as well.

I suppose one part of it is a certain shyness. I'm not outgoing by nature and sitting down in chat-rooms to talk in Attic doesn't come naturally. Secondly, I suspect we all suffer from some language-shock: confronted by a mass of Greek it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Thirdly, Greek and Latin work better in my brain when I've spent some time 'acclimatising'. And fourthly, time-zones are not in my favour.

Anyway, I want to work against this. If indeed our plans to go to Mongolia next year, εἰ ὁ Θεὸς θέλει, then I will be an even more isolated setting for communicative language practice of Greek and Latin!

So, I think my answer is to set aside a time each week, and just lock it in to being online and on such sites. Maybe Aussies like myself could make a common time, one weeknight for a few hours say. Working on real-time text-based, and voice-based, conversation will definitely help us move forwards.

I had another thought about something but it's gone.

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