Sunday, July 11, 2010

Direct Method Books we could do with

I've made a list of books for Latin and Greek, generally related to the Direct-Method, Rouse, etc., that it would be good to source. Some of them already exist on google books, or other places, but some of them are proving hard to track down. Feel free to comment if you have located any, and I'll incorporate the link into this page.

WHD Rouse Demonstrations in Greek Iambic Verse (1899)
- , Demonstrations in Latin Elegiac Verse (1899)
- , A Greek reader (1907)
E.H. Scott and Frank Jones, A first Latin course (1913)
WHS Jones, First Latin book (1919)
- , Via Nova; or, The application of the direct method to Latin and Greek (1915)
RB Appleton and WHS Jones Initium (1916)
- , Puer Romanus (1913)
- , Pons Tironum (1924)
- , Perse Latin Plays(1913)
Edward Adolf Sonnenschein Ora Maritima (1914)
- , Pro Patria (1907)
WL Paine and CL Mainwaring, Primus Annus (1912)
TA Wye; WL Paine Primus Annus: Vocabula explicata
WL Paine, Decem fabulae pueris puellisque agendae (1927)
Frank Stephen Granger, Via Romana (1915)

A wealth of texts, out of copyright one would presume, ripe for audio-recordings as well.


Esteban said...

Excellent books and post. Please, keep updating it when some of the not available books become accessible. Thanks.

Esteban said...

Evan Millner in his web site, Latinum (, has some of them in audio (Ora Maritima and Puer Romanus) and a lot of other resources. Puer Romanus is on youtube:

echop said...

Thanks for this great post. Here are links to some of the other titles.

Jones, First Latin Book:

Appleton and Jones, Initium:

--, Pons tironum:

Paine, Fabulae virginibus puerisque . . . :

Granger, Via Romana

This may be a second edition of Perse, but edited by Appleton alone, Persici:

You may enjoy Latin Stories for Reading and Telling . . . , by Rouse:

. . . and his book about the Direct Method:

Also, don't miss this video by Justin Slocum Bailey:

. . . that whole YouTube series of Paideia Media is great, much of it in Latin _viva voce_, in varying accents.

if there's any problem w/ any of the links, please let me know and we'll work something out.

Seumas Macdonald said...

Thanks very much for those links.

I will probably make a re-post of this all, over at my current blog: