Friday, June 04, 2010

Why ministers should learn Latin

So far only 4 (maybe, optimistically) students have signed up for my proposed Latin course. Not enough for me to even cover costs, let alone pay for me time. How to encourage overworked seminary students to take up Latin?

Hudson Taylor, upon deciding to head to China for mission work, devoted himself to the study of Greek, Hebrew, Mandarin, and Latin. What more do you need? If someone wants to be a serious engager of the history of the west and the history of the church in the west, philosophy, theology, the whole gamut, and read texts with precision and learning, and expound the scriptures, then a knowledge of Greek, Hebrew, and Latin are indispensable, and are just a starting point. For there still remains Aramaic, Syriac, other Semitic cognates, modern European languages....

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