Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What it looks like on the ground

This is my morning selection of exercises for language development. I appreciate any feedback you have, but I'm not posting this to make you feel bad or intimidate you! Just to lay out what I do for the curious and perhaps get some suggestions:

Read a 100-word selection in Morice's Stories in Attic Greek
Do an exercise in Hillard and Botting's Elementary Greek Exercises
Spend about 10 minutes working on Randall Buth's Living Koine course
Read a page or so from the Apostolic Fathers (presently Ignatius)
Review a chapter of Mastronarde's introductory grammar to pick up some finer points
Read a chapter of the NT

Do another 10 minutes working on Buth's Hebrew Course
Revise some Hebrew vocab with electronic flashcards
Review material from George Athas's Introductory Hebrew course
Read a small portion from Jonah

Read from Lingua Latina II: Roma Aeterna (almost finished, will move on to Virgil)
Do an exercise in North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition
Read a portion of Augustine's Confessions
Read a chapter of Exodus from the Vulgate

Work through some material in Ronald Black's Cothrom Ionnsachaidh
Revise some Gaelic vocab
Work through approx 1/4 a chapter in the old Mackinnon Teach Yourself Gaelic

I'm thinking of adding some LXX reading to my program. Once my Gaelic improves I'll do some more listening, reading and writing. Every time I finish something I try and replace it with something similar: grammar for grammar, bible for bible, fathers for fathers, audio for audio.

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