Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post #352

If it's not obvious by now, I mainly blog because when I have ideas in my head, it's best for them to find expression. That could be a sermon or it could be a written exposition, it's rarely conversation (that's not my temperament!). So blogging helps me process my thoughts into communication.

I like to keep some kind of tab on who wanders past here. Mainly for curiosity's sake. I'm always intrigued by weird search terms that land people here, or unusual countries.

With the rise and rise of RSS-readers, it's hard to know who's reading these days. People are not likely to comment in passing, as I myself know - there's 156 feeds on my reader and I rarely take the time to follow a link to the site proper and leave my opinion. Only things that get me going, one way or the other, get that level of interaction.

Which leaves the blogging experience with a kind of shouting in space feel. I'm aware that there are more readers than I can place a finger on, and there must be regular readers, and some of them I even know, in one way or another. But it's the most amorphous kind of audience to write for.

All of which essentially to say, I hope you enjoy, or benefit from, the words that pass along here. And if you'd just like to say hi, this is the post for that. Carry on, then.


cafedave said...

hi! yours is among the hundreds of feeds that I regularly work through. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Though I don't always take the time to comment, I find most of what you write immensely interesting. The stuff about language learning I'm quietly tucking away for when I get the opportunity to teach a Greek class (which will be a while ;-) ).

And, of course, interesting Patristics stuff is much harder to come by than NT stuff, so I appreciate that as well. Keep up the good work!

I will register one complaint: switch to wordpress! ;-). It is a bit harder to comment on blogspot blogs, and sometimes I forget to check the comments since there is no "subscribe to this comment thread" option like in wordpress.

Just something to consider ;-).

Unknown said...

Yes, I have contemplated the switch to wordpress. I am not much inclined to do so though: I feel like I have momentum here and moving to a new site with a new address and all that, will be like starting a new thing.

So, alas, you will have to suffer on with blogspot's inferior comments-features.

David Ould said...

Shimmy, you know that I'm a regular reader. Like you I have a load of feeds on my reader but go and comment on far less.

Craig Schwarze said...


Unknown said...

Hi Craig and thanks for saying hello. Not really sure why my side-projects make your mind boggle. They're all quite reasonably, I think. They're also mainly crunch work, not much too creative in them.