Friday, June 18, 2010

Of many books and the end of the week

I think back in my uni days I used to read maybe one or two books at a time. Now it's more like 20 or 30. This contributes to my usual sense of overwhelmedness.

I had the aforementioned meeting with supervisor today. He seems quite pleased with progress on the thesis. That's a real relief, and I feel like things are all go from here. I'm in quite a good groove study-wise.

Nonetheless I'm forever finding more books to read. Even to get well-grounded in Patristics takes a lot of reading. I wanted to start reading through issues of JECS, but our library has moved to an electronic subscription, and then has failed to implement it properly, so I can't access it!

Train rides are a real blessing in disguise. Assuming I get a seat I have a good chance to read some scripture (in multiple languages), memorise some verses, pray, and now I'm doing a little Commenius and Kendrick reading. Anything and everything to improve those languages!


Alan said...

Oh, so it doesn't improve then.. Here I was thinking I might get better at prioritising and balancing reading over time..

Unknown said...

You might get better at prioritising and balancing. Actually I'm better at prioritising and balancing! But there is always lots to do, and that's just life, and one needs to learn how to deal with it.