Monday, June 14, 2010

Notes from a day-off

It's a public holiday here in Australia. Normally I try and work public holidays, mainly because I don't gain much by delaying everything by a day and my work garners no money anyway. Alas, over the long weekend I have had a cold and not been feeling particularly wonderful, so today I decided to try and work from home.

In doing so I've marked a set of exams for my Church History course. I've also spent a bit of time revising a Chrysostom translation I'm working on. The problem is that sometimes the Greek doesn't make a lot of sense, and I need it to make a little more sense on the English. That project will need a little more time. I've also been trying to remove some of my more unnecessary footnotes on the translation.

A really excellent blog post is How to Get the Most out of Talking to Yourself in Ancient Greek, by Mark Lightman. I wish I had more time to spend on the ning sites for Greek and Latin, among other things. There is also a second excellent discussion here: τί δέον ἐν τῷ γᾶλα; (What's lacking in the word "M.I.L.K"?).

This afternoon I've been working away a little on my multi-language lexicon. The idea is basically to take 600 common words and expressions that are particularly useful for everyday life (frequency! frequency!) and have a spreadsheet that covers them across Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Hebrew, and Scottish Gaelic. I'm making some good progress today adding entries for Gaelic and Latin. Once I get those lists done, I'll work more systematically through Greek, and probably make a copy available at that point. Hebrew is last on my list (being the weakest link in my language acquistion).

It looks like I have too few students to run my Latin intensive. That is a shame, it would have been good for my Latin to teach an immersion week in the language.

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